Each week, the curriculum focuses on different themes, which are fun, interesting topics that draw young children into learning. They are the basis of the activities you create for art, science, math, dramatic play, reading, writing, circle time and more! Activities during the week are designed around these themes, and vary based on the age and development of each individual child. Here you will find the yearly calendar of themes, letters of the week, and special activities that are offered at Look at Me Learn Child Care, LLC.

Look at Me Learn Child Care, LLC. also strives to incorporate the following activities into each day’s curriculum:

  • Morning and Afternoon Circle time where the day’s themed activities are introduced and reviewed.
  • Activities in the Learning Centers to bring the day’s educational theme to life.
  • Literacy and language enrichment to build emerging language skills.
  • Music and movement (songs, poems and rhymes) to expand your child’s vocabulary and listening skills.
  • Outdoor play at least twice daily to burn off energy and develop motor skills.
  • Lunch and quiet time to nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body.